Why Isn't My GE Dishwasher Control Panel Working

By Cory White
Why Isn’t My GE Dishwasher Control Panel Working

Your GE dishwasher control panel not working can be quite the headache. A faulty control panel makes it difficult to operate the dishwasher. Regardless, we’ve got you covered.  In this guide, we will be showing you possible reasons why your control panel is not working and how to resolve them.

GE Dishwasher control panel is not working

Your GE dishwasher control panel might not be working due to some settings. It could also result from a faulty part of the control panel. Either way, here is a quick DIY you can run before reaching out to an experienced technician.

Resetting Options  

Option One: Resetting during a Cycle

If the control panel malfunctions in the middle of a cycle, you can reset it. You can work on this by simply pressing the Start/Reset button twice.

 Resetting it returns all the original settings and might bring the control panel back on. 


On some models, you only need to press the button one time. Check your device manual to confirm what works for your model.

Option Two: Rebooting the Dishwasher

Like resetting, rebooting the dishwasher is quite an easy task. You can reboot your GE dishwasher by removing it from the power source for a few minutes. You can also detach it straight from the circuit breaker of the house.

The control panel might be back up and running when you turn it back on. 

Be sure to take necessary electrical precautions at this stage to avoid any electrical accidents.

Other issues

An issue with the GE Dishwasher’s touchpad

The dishwasher is most likely at fault when the display lights turn on, but the buttons do not work. You can try checking for defects by seeing if some buttons respond to your touches or not. 

Try plugging and unplugging back in and see if that solves the problem. Also, confirm that the door to the dishwasher is closed. 

Your dishwasher’s touchpad might not be responding because of a faulty touchpad itself or a faulty control board. 

The GE Dishwasher’s control panel is locked

The GE dishwasher comes with an extra safety feature that locks the control panel. For instance, the child lock feature prevents the dishwasher from being used accidentally by kids around the house. 

The reason why your GE dishwasher control panel is not working might be because the child lock safety feature has been reactivated.

Woman Pressing Button Of Dishwasher

The safety measure is activated by pressing the child lock button once. However, you can easily deactivate it by pressing the same button down for about three seconds. 

Other Solutions

1.Clean the control panel’s ribbon cables

The ribbon cables are connected to the control panel, and you can clean them with just a pencil eraser.

When left uncleaned for a while, the ribbon cables can be stained with a lot of dirt buildup. 

Ensure that you disconnect the dishwasher from the power source before cleaning the ribbon cables.

Also, if you use a pencil eraser, you can likewise rub the eraser against your clothes to get the dirt off the eraser.

Also, please pay attention to all the screws as you remove them. 

Cleaning the ribbon cables requires extra care, so it’s okay to request professional help with it. 

2.Plug and unplug the main feed to the control board

The central power feed powers the control board; this enables it to perform its essential functions such as washing and drying the dishes.

Find the primary power source to the control board and remove it. Return to its original state and check if that works for the control panel.

Remember to take all the electrical precautions while dealing with this to avoid all electrical hazards. 

3.Replace the control board

You can order a replacement for a faulty control board. Again, confirm that the dishwasher is not connected to power before replacing the control board.

The board is between the inner and outer door panels, so you must separate the two.

Pay attention to where each screw goes as you unscrew them. Remove any wires connected to the faulty control board, after which you can replace the board itself.

Return all wires and screws to their original position. Power on the dishwasher again and check if that worked the magic. 

GE Dishwasher Main Control Board Replacement #WD21X10489

4.Replace the control panel

Replacing the control panel might be just another way to get it to work. Doing this involves a lot of wiring and attention to detail, so it’s best to call for a technician. 

However, if you want to proceed independently, be sure to disconnect the power and water supply first. 

Separate the door panels to get access to the control panel. Disconnect the control panel and other wiring connections. 

Fix in the new control panel and reattach all wirings. Turn on the power and water supply back on.

Repair costs

The cost of repairing a faulty dishwasher control panel might be at the very least $150. However, this is a better cost compared to the cost of replacing the dishwasher itself. 

While DIY guides can be such a lifesaver, sometimes, it might just be best to have a professional look at them. 

If a warranty covers your dishwasher, the repair costs might be little to none. 

If the repair cost is about half the price of a new one, it might be best to order a new dishwasher. Either way, consult an experienced technician to determine how much the repair will be.

Maintenance and professional help

Many of the ways to fix a faulty control panel require heavy detailing. If you get stuck or confused at any point in the process of trying these DIYs, consider reaching out to an experienced technician for help.

While seeking help, be sure to have essential details such as your model number available.

Also, considering the repair costs might be a bit expensive, be sure to look out for any warning signs on your dishwasher and get it repaired as soon as possible. 


Your GE dishwasher control panel might not be working due to the reasons highlighted above. It is essential to examine these causes and apply the suggested solutions carefully. If any of these solutions do not work, reach out to an experienced technician if you require further help.

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