How To Reset Your Samsung Dishwasher

By Cory White

Resetting your Samsung dishwasher could help you solve a few problems that you are facing. Just like most machines, a simple reset can solve your problem. However, when it comes to your Samsung dishwasher, some problems with the dishwasher will not go away just by resetting. You need to first follow a specific troubleshooting guide to solve your problem before you attempt to reset your dishwasher.

Resetting Steps

Switch the dishwasher off and Unplug it

The first step in resetting your dishwasher involves cutting off power to the dishwasher.

Press the off button on your dishwasher. Pull out the plug that connects to the wall socket. Make sure your hands are not wet or you are wearing safety gloves while performing this action. This is to ensure that you are not electrocuted.

If your dishwasher is hardwired, you have to turn off the dishwasher by going to your circuit breaker. Look for the switch on the circuit breaker that is labeled dishwasher. Turn it off.

Wait 5 minutes then Plug the dishwasher back in

After cutting off power to the dishwasher you have to let the dishwasher rest for about five minutes.

This will enable your Samsung dishwasher to reset its memory and cancel any confusing instructions that it had going on in there.

After five minutes, plug back the dishwasher into the wall socket. If you had powered it off via the circuit breaker, flip the dishwasher switch on the circuit breaker to ensure that the dishwasher is not connected to electricity. 

Again, do these tasks safely by ensuring your hands are not wet or you are using safety gloves to prevent any electrocution.

When to reset the dishwasher?

As mentioned earlier, a simple reset can solve an issue that you are facing with the dishwasher.

A power outage can sometimes confuse instructions on your dishwasher. 

Therefore, a reset could bring back your dishwasher to life. If you have tried troubleshooting all the error codes or blinking lights on your dishwasher by following your user manual, and the error codes are still there, you can now reset the dishwasher.

This is because resetting your dishwasher without actually working on the problem that brought the error on the display will not solve the problem. The error code will be back as soon as you have reset your dishwasher.

Where not to reset at all?

Wiring issues

If you have just installed your new Samsung dishwasher and you have run into a problem, resetting it will not solve your problems. It’s highly possible that you have an installation problem or something about your wiring was done wrong.

You have to follow your Samsung dishwasher’s user manual and make sure that you have followed every step of the escalation process.

Even one misstep will mean your dishwasher is not going to function properly and no matter how many times you reset your unit, it just won’t work.

If your dishwasher is displaying error codes or blinking lights that indicate that your dishwasher is not draining, a reset will not fix this issue.

Look at your user manual to see if the code showing on your dishwasher’s display is one that indicates a draining problem.

Look at your user manual to see if the code showing on your dishwasher’s display is one that indicates a drain problem. 

The only solution for this kind of problem is to follow a troubleshooting guide to help you with drain problems. In most cases, you will have to unclog a clogged drain hose or clean your filter. 

other reasons 

There are other situations where resetting your dishwasher will not solve the problem. A good example is when your dishwasher is not starting a wash cycle because the door is not closing properly. Here, you have to fix the latch before your unit can work well again. 

seeking professional help

We advise that you only reset your dishwasher after following a troubleshooting guide for that problem that you are faced with. However, if the issue you want to resolve requires a reset of the dishwasher, please do so.

If you have reset your dishwasher by following the above steps, and your dishwasher’s problem is not fixed yet, please seek the help of a qualified technician to check out the problem. 


Resetting your dishwasher is a very easy task to do. However, there are situations where a reset will resolve an issue and there are also situations where resetting your dishwasher will not solve the problem. 

In such cases, if you reset the dishwasher that has an error code, the error code might disappear for a while and it will be back after some time. Therefore you need to know when and when not to reset your dishwasher.

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