Can Corkcicle Go In The Dishwasher?

By Cory White
Can Corkcicle Go In The Dishwasher?

If you’re a fan of Corkcicle’s innovative drinkware, you might be curious about its dishwasher compatibility, and ask the question: Can Corkcicle go in the dishwasher?

Corkcicle products, including tumblers, canteens, and stemless wine glasses, are not rated as dishwasher safe and any potential damages from dishwasher use aren’t covered under warranty. It’s highly recommended to hand wash your Corkcicle gear to maintain its quality and protect its unique design.

In this article, I will explore the dishwasher compatibility of various Corkcicle products, and discuss the potential benefits, precautions, and tips for proper care. Whether you’re a fan of their canteens, tumblers, or stemless wine glasses, discover the best cleaning practices for maintaining your favorite drinkware. Let’s go!

Understanding Corkcicle Products

Corkcicle is a leading lifestyle product brand known for its impressive range of on-the-go personal drinkware. They offer well-designed, high-quality products including but not limited to tumblers, canteens, and stemless insulated wine glasses.

Their products are not just commendably functional but also visually appealing; they’ve carved a niche for themselves in the market with their vibrant colors and unique designs that are sure to catch attention.

These personal drinkware items are praised for their advanced insulation technology, allowing your beverage to stay cold for a longer period of time or your coffee to remain hot for hours.

The brand caters to the needs of various users, offering different sizes and varieties of products that serve a wide range of requirements.

Can I Put My Corkcicle in the Dishwasher?

When it comes to cleaning your Corkcicle drinkware, you might be tempted to just toss them into the dishwasher for convenience. However, it’s important to know that Corkcicle products are not recommended for use in the dishwasher for the following reasons:

  • The specific materials and insulation technology used in Corkcicle products make them unsuitable for the harsh environment of a dishwasher.
  • High temperatures and powerful detergents in the dishwasher may potentially cause damage to these finely crafted drinkware items. This could lead to discoloration or fading of its vibrant design and make it more susceptible to scratches.
  • Regular exposure to harsh dishwasher cycles can adversely affect the product’s insulation properties and exterior finish. Additionally, the high-pressure water jets in dishwashers may dislodge the product’s seal, leading to potential leaks.

Warranty and Dishwasher Damage


Protecting your Corkcicle products and familiarizing yourself with the warranty is an essential step in caring for your drinkware. You must be aware of what sort of damage is covered by the warranty to avoid unnecessary expenses or loss.

Corkcicle warranty usually covers manufacturing defects for a specified period of time. However, it’s important to note that damages resulting from misuse, including dishwasher use, are typically not covered.

This means if any damage is incurred due to dishwasher use, the customer bears full responsibility, and the warranty would not offer financial or replacement assistance for such damages.

Lid Washing Guide

Proper care of your Corkcicle lids goes a long way to maintaining the hygiene and effectiveness of your Corkcicle drinkware. Here are some handy tips that can help facilitate a more effective cleaning process for your Corkcicle lids.

Stick to hand washing

The lids, like the drinkware items themselves, are not dishwasher safe. A gentle hand wash with warm, soapy water works best.

Avoid soaking

While it may be tempting to let the lid sit in water to eradicate stubborn stains, avoid soaking it for a long time. This could result in misalignment or malfunctioning of the lid mechanism.

Rinse thoroughly

After washing, ensure that all soap residues are fully rinsed off the lid to prevent any possible taste alterations in your drinks.

Corkcicle Cleaning Best Practices

Proper maintenance goes hand in hand with the performance and longevity of your Corkcicle products. Here are the best practices to keep in mind while cleaning these stylish yet functional drinkware items.

Hand Wash Only

Avoid the dishwasher and opt for a gentle hand wash. Mild dish soap combined with warm water works best.

Use Soft Materials

While cleaning, utilize a soft cloth or a non-abrasive sponge to prevent scratches or damage to your Corkcicle’s finish.

Dry Thoroughly 

After washing, ensure you dry the drinkware thoroughly to prevent water stains. Also, let it air dry completely before storing away, especially in closed cupboards or spaces.


In conclusion, maintaining the remarkable design and performance standard of Corkcicle products boils down to one main practice: hand washing. By understanding the simple but essential care instructions for these products, you can enjoy your favorite beverages at the right temperature for years to come. So, save your dishwasher for other items and treat your Corkcicle with the care it deserves. It may take a bit more time, but the long-lasting performance and joy these products bring are definitely worth the effort.

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