Can Blender Bottles Go In The Dishwasher?

By Cory White

So, you have just gotten your blender bottle, and you are unsure how to clean it correctly. Blender bottles are typically used to mix liquids or similar food items: your protein shakes, your salads, and all.  However, if these blender bottles are not cleaned correctly, they leave a horrid smell and discolor your bottles. This guide contains what you need to know about cleaning your blender bottles, whether by hand or dishwasher. It further explains how to get rid of any foul odor in your blender bottles.

How to clean blender bottles

Cleaning your blender bottles is not as difficult as you may imagine, as long as you follow the correct procedure. 

The first step in cleaning blender bottles is understanding that it’s best to avoid leaving remnants in the bottles to prevent any foul smell.

You can handwash your blender bottles using warm water and dish soap. Washing your bottles in the dishwasher is also not a bad idea. However, make sure to double-check if doing such is okay. Many manufacturers usually indicate this on their bottles. 

While cleaning your blender bottles in a dishwasher, ensure that they are placed in a safe spot where they cannot easily fall off. 

Pour some warm water and dishwashing liquid into the bottle and leave for a while before washing it off. Pay attention to the lids and mouthpiece as you clean. You may use vinegar, baking soda, or other cleaning agents. 

Is it dangerous to put blender bottles in the dishwasher?

It is not dangerous to put your blender bottles in the dishwasher. However, before you put any blender bottle inside the dishwasher, ensure that it is safe to do so. You should find this information on your user manual or your manufacturer’s website.

When washing your blender bottles in the dishwasher, it is advisable to put them at the top rack to prevent them from receiving the heat directly from the bottom of the dishwasher. Many blender bottles are made of plastic and are not designed to withstand a high degree of heat.

Also, if you are specifically looking to get rid of odors in your blender bottles, it’s more advisable that you hand clean them. 

When using the dishwasher to clean your blender bottles, it’s best to place the tiny parts like the blender ball in the silverware compartment. 

Dishwasher safe bottles

As mentioned earlier, cleaning your blender bottles in a dishwasher is not an entirely bad idea as long as you follow the necessary precautions. 

When purchasing new bottles, remember to always look out for the manufacturer’s information on whether it is dishwasher safe or not. 

Many blender bottles are made of plastics; they cannot withstand constant and direct heat in the dishwasher. So even if your blender bottles are dishwasher-safe, you should alternate it with some hand washing to preserve the shape and overall quality of the bottles.

An example of a dishwasher-safe bottle is the Blender Bottle Pro Stack, which is also BPA-free. It causes fewer odor problems compared to other brands. 

Another thing to note about dishwasher-safe bottles is that it is advisable to handwash the lid. Even though some of these manufacturers say their bottles are safe to be washed in a dishwasher, the covers may develop problems after one or two wash cycles. 

The foul odor and getting rid of it

When it comes to getting rid of foul odor in your blender bottles, hand-cleaning is the best option. The smell in your dishwasher is mainly a result of the accumulated residue in your blender bottle. This might result from leaving your blender bottles unwashed for a while.  

To get rid of the foul odor, you can put some warm water and dishwashing liquid into the bottles and leave for a while. 

You can also put some vinegar or baking soda in place of the dishwashing liquid and leave it in the bottle for about an hour.

You can mix vinegar and baking soda and leave them in the bottle overnight for a more substantial fix. 

Another fix for getting rid of the odor in your blender bottles is using vanilla extracts. Get a piece of newspaper and add a few drops of water around the newspaper. Pour some drops of vanilla extracts into the newspaper. Squeeze the newspaper into the bottle and let it stay for twenty-four hours. 


How to clean blender bottles is one of the important things people look out for from time to time. As much as we advise you to handwash your blender bottles, you can also wash them in your dishwashers.

This guide contains what you need to know about putting your blender bottles inside the dishwasher, including handwashing the bottles.

It also includes a fix to getting odors out of your blender bottles and how to take proper care of your blender bottles essentially.

Refer to your user manual or the manufacturer’s website to get more details.

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